Wednesday, September 15, 2004

So tired...

The flight was long and relentless; short stays in Singapore and Dubai. But I survived and have arrived in London. The weather is OK, about 16 degrees and lightly spitting just before. I've moved in to Jo StClair's and have had a wonderful soak in a bath, though am glad I'm only there for four nights - I miss my shower.

I had window seats all the way; the upside being I could see wonderful sights (when it was light), the downside that I had to disturb two other passengers to go to the loo.


Blogger xx said...

Hooray, I am so envious. I wish I was there. May I recommend a quick visit to the National Portrait Gallery? there is the MOST amazing video of David Beckham sleeping. (You do not have to like football to appreciate it.) He is just the most perfect physical specimen. I loved it. It is as if you are asleep with him.
ps I always sit on the aisle for the reason you outlined. Have fun.

10:23 am  

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