Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Dr Pangloss was right

Well, the weekend was so glorious I forgot all the hassles of Friday and spent Saturday afternoon gardening. I pulled out all those weeds (well, some of them) and the self-seeded scabious which I have more than enough of. Peter came for dinner in the evening and we watched Act II of Guglielmo Tell.

Then up early on Sunday for Bach at St John's. This went well, although PR, who had promised to come, didn't make it. After the service I took a train to Mum's for lunch, as usual. (I am such a creature of habit.) After we ate I even did a bit of gardening for her, pruning and feeding her roses.

This morning DT came and pruned the climbing roses, pulled out all the crap in the front corner (including most of the arum lilies -- don't worry, like Arnie, they'll be back) and took away all the rubbish. So everything is looking a bit sparse, but at least there's room now for some lovely spring flowers.

I'm waiting to hear from TvN about collecting my ticket -- I leave on Monday September 13, for those who are interested, and return a month and a day later. England, Scotland, the Netherlands and Germany are currently the destinations, but I still have to work out the details.


Blogger xx said...

Hi Frank, Thanks for letting me know your movements. We are coming down on the weekend of September 4. Perhaps we can get together with the boys on Sunday for brunch? It is Father's Day - M is very keen to do a boy thing.
Love Lesley

10:56 am  

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