Thursday, July 29, 2004

Shoes and ships...

We had a lovely dinner chez moi on Saturday with P&B and DG -- my beef casserole was delicious (even if I do say so myself). After dinner we watched the first half of a concert version of Sweeney Todd on DVD. What a great piece -- I can't wait until we can see the rest of it.

B left for Alice Springs on Monday; last night I called P and he came round for dinner. As there was very little on the telly we watched act one of Guglielmo Tell that I bought at Discurio on the way home. Good value: 4 hours for $60; not that I judge by quantity.

It's a live performance from La Scala with Chris Merritt and Cheryl Studer (though she doesn't make it to act one), conducted by Riccardo Muti. The scenery is mainly enormous screens onto which are projected alpine scenes. I'm not sure yet if it quite works, but the singers, and the orchestra, are terrific. The score is a treat; the first act finale a knockout.

This morning I received an email from my mother's cousin's neice (that makes her my second cousin once removed... I think). I wrote to her last week telling her of my impending trip -- she kindly offered to put me up with them in Derby which I hope to do. It will be great to meet some more of the English relatives, I don't know why I never did before.

After work today I go to pay for my ticket (woo-hoo!). I got all the way to the station this morning before I realised I had left my cheque book at home (D'oh). Luckily I live so close I was able to get home and back without missing my train. I really must sit down now, work out an itinerary and book some accommodation and rail passes.


Blogger xx said...

Hi Frank, When is your trip?

2:00 pm  
Blogger Lizy said...

Good post Frank!As of now u must have njoyed many trips like this u wrote..but dont why u gave the title as.. Shoes and ships..

8:21 pm  

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