Friday, August 27, 2004


... is sprung. I swear all Melbourne's Pittosporum trees all flowered together on Wednesday evening; the scent on the air is amazing. The tree on the edge of Flinders St station is covered in blossom and the smell wafts through the station -- a nice change from overcooked chips.

Last night Tat and I handed out Gloriana flyers after the MSO concert; most people accepted them with a smile, although a small few looked at me as if the handouts were covered in poison. I hope it wasn't me they were reacting to.

Tonight B&P come for dinner and to watch Shaolin soccer, which has been kindly lent to me by Jayj.

There is a strong feeling that tomorrow Howard will announce the election (at last) -- if it's early October as tipped I will have to vote in London. It will also mean that I'll miss most of the hype of the lead-up; how awful!


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