Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Went to work yesterday in the morning to do DBA and other stuff, then came home and collapsed. Didn't go to Gloriana rehearsal as, while I might have been some help to the basses in the Biebl (low Ds) I couldn't have added anything to the tenor line.

Work today still frantic, relieved by Monica's return, but exacerbated by the demise of the PC attached to the microfilm scanner. Really bad timing as DB was wanting to find more pages for SF and the 150th project. Add to that they're baying for more old reviews to re-run in A2. OT is fixing the PC - let's hope it all works when it's put back together again.

Off to P&B's tonight for dinner - P rang this afternoon to make sure I was still coming. He's had today off with a virus, probably the same thing I've got, so I figure B's already been exposed to it. B went back to Peter Mac today and was told he was progressing well - which is good news all round.


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