Sunday, November 16, 2003

It's been a busy week, with XO rehearsals and organising a new microfilm machine for work, so I haven't written. Saw Mum as usual today, then dropped in on DA and AH who got back from Italy last week (or was it the week before). Anyway, they had what sounds like a fabulous time in the Veneto; AH has taken loads and loads of video and now has to sit down and edit it all into a coherent whole.

Yesterday was a stinker - 39C! - luckily P and I, taking advantage of SS visiting B for the afternoon, were able to take ourselves off to see Intolerable cruelty. Lots of fun; I'm beginning to like Clooney more each time I see him. We went to Victoria Gardens and it's firmed my resolve to see the last LOTR film there -- comfortable seats and great sound.

No further news on B, except that he's slowly improving. I'll see him again on Tuesday night when I go around there for dinner.


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