Wednesday, January 04, 2017

The weekend

evening, KP came around and we had a fun time playing through some more piano duets; we seem to work well together and have a certain rapport. Perhaps we'll have a soirée some time over the next few months.

On Saturday it was shopping as usual with B&P then later in the afternoon P and I went for a walk along the Boulevard; P left me at Nicholson Street and I came home and cooked dinner for them. Another Thai-style curry. This time I had lemongrass as well as the other ingredients; it tasted nice, but I think could have done with a bit more chilli.

Today to Mum's for lunch as normal. Then, on the way home, I realised I'd left my keys at her place and so had to track nearly all the way back to get them (I got to Burnley before I realised). No big deal, just annoying. I'd used the keys to get to her back porch and when I closed the door I forget to take the keys. It turned out that Mum didn't realise that my mobile number is coded into her phone; even Ian said he didn't know my number. So much for getting it listed in the White Pages.

[Original: April 2005]


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