Friday, June 17, 2011

A house guest

On Tuesday night BA, who now lives and works in Utrecht, arrived to stay for a few days. It's nice to be able to return the favour, as he put me up in 2004. He arrived around 6pm and after we'd settled him in we went out for a meal at one of the local pubs.

Back at the flat I went into the bathroom and ended up nearly locking myself in: as I pulled the door to shut it (why shut the door when you're on your own?) the handle came off in my hand. Luckily the door didn't shut completely or I would have been stuck. I'm just grateful it didn't happen when I was on my own ...*

Yesterday B and I headed out for breakfast at St Ali - unfortunately the weather has turned again and we got a little damp, but the breakfast was worth it. We visited the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum; both were full of children but we managed to see most of what we wanted to, and had a late lunch in the Science Museum cafe. We made our way home via Waterstones and the Apple Shop as B was interested in looking at iPads.

Made contact with PB yesterday, and hope to have lunch with him today.

* Maintenance fixed the door while we were out.

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