Friday, March 12, 2010

Melbourne train lines - Glen Waverley and Almein

Tat and I have embarked on a project: to travel to the end of each of Melbourne's railway lines. For our first expedition today we knocked over two lines - Glen Waverley and Alamein.

I met Tat on the 11:20am from Collingwood, which we had agreed on, and we travelled into Flinders Street where we changed to the Glen Waverley line. It was a beautiful day and the train was not very full and we had a dream run to the end of the line.

Although I travelled this line regularly when visiting Mum, I had never been past Darling so it was very interesting to travel the whole line. The route, which travels by the freeway for some distance, is quite pretty, with most houses having substantial gardens and trees.

We wandered through The Glen, a shopping centre larger than I was expecting, and as shopping centres go not bad. We had lunch and coffee before making our way back to the station.

There was a train waiting for us which we boarded; we got off at East Malvern where we crossed the Monash Freeway on what looks like quite a new footbridge.

Once on the other side we walked through the golf course to the end of the Anniversary Trail, a shared pedestrian/bike path running along the plantation left when the Outer Circle line was shortened.

The day was perfect and we had a very pleasant walk along a verdant path to Alamein station.

A train pulled in as we reached the station and we were soon on our way back into the city, the train running direct to Flinders Street rather than requiring us to change at Camberwell.

In all, a great start to our project.

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Blogger Robert said...

What a great idea. Wish I could join you both!

7:42 pm  

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