Tuesday, July 12, 2005

On Thursday I went to visit Dr D for a night of German revision. However, after Bronsky and Bernstein finished (a prerequisite for teutonic studies) we were faced with the reality of the London bombings. The BBC coverage was quite repetitive, but it was hard not to watch.

What's to come, I wonder.

Saturday morning was Gombert - we finally got the music for the mass - followed by shopping and lunch with B&P. Then in the evening a cheap meal with DG at Xiao Ting Box: delicious squid and the usual huge serving of dumplings. Then back to my place where we watched the first half of the Barcelona Rheingold. It's quite interesting, though I'm not quite convinced by the costumes; the singing is great. After DG left I caught up with Doctor Who; quite a good temporal anomaly story about Rose going back to see her father before he's killed. However, she prevents this happening and unleashes all manner of nasties. The end, when it came, was clearly signalled from the beginning. A satisfying episode nonetheless.

Back to Gloriana last night. The next concert is all Victoria and promises to be very satisfying. The 12-part mass is particularly nice.


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