Friday, September 17, 2004


Another full day yesterday: I had arranged to meet Owen T (who used to work at The Age) for lunch, so made my way to St Paul's. I got there a bit early so went for a bit of a walk around and discovered that they had constructed a flying-fox from the side of the cathedral on which people could pay (for charity) to zoom down. It was all a bit silly but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Had quite a nice lunch and a natter with Owen; he seems to be enjoying life in Britain. He has already done some travelling in Europe and has a trip to the US and Canada coming up in a week or so. Was keen to hear any Age gossip I could provide, which was minimal; he's probably better informed than I am.

After lunch I went up the road to the Guardian offices where I met up with Richard Nelsson who manages the reference library there. Their library systems are not a patch on those at Fairfax; their data is not completed until the afternoon of the day of publication! And their pdf archive didn't seem to work at all! As well, their text and picture reference services are completely separate. I didn't stay too long as Richard was busy and I didn't get in touch with Dean S either; perhaps when I get back to London.

I decided I didn't want to spend the evening at the B&B (Jo's nice, but I don't really want to spend too much time with her, chatting about trivialities) so I grabbed myself a cheap ticket (£15) to see Bat Boy, the musical. It's a fun show with huge energy from a good cast; the title role was played extraordinarily well. It's not going to stop the world, but it certainly deserves better houses than last night's -- the theatre was less than half full.

Today (Friday) is a bit damp, but still not cold. I'm off to Deal to see Audrey this afternoon and this evening I hope finally to catch up with Greg.

More tomorrow.


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