Tuesday, October 06, 2015

I'm back

I'm not going to bother about doing a catch up entry (though there is plenty of content) but just continue as if nothing intervened.

Last night we were back at rehearsal - after, for me, the unpleasant experience of working on the Pärt Passio, lady night was a welcome return to "proper" music. A mass by Lassus, and works by Gabrieli, Tarick O'Regan and Bax, among others. It was a hot night but the church wasn't too uncomfortable.

Today I caught up with Margaret, normally a Wednesday activity but moved as I'm catching up with Brian K tomorrow. It was an unusually hot day for October ("there's no such thing as global warming") and despite having taken a tablet in the morning my hay-fever was pretty bad.

As P&B are away I dropped past their place and brought in their bins and also dropped in briefly to the radio station.

A cool change finally came through this afternoon and the house has cooled down nicely.


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