Monday, July 22, 2013

Out and about

As the cleaners were coming today I left the house fairly early and headed to Ian's Acoustic Cafe for coffee.

After getting my shot of caffeine I headed into town to find a digital radio for Noel. I found what I thought was appropriate at the M store but the only earphones they had were too expensive. I managed to find some cheaper ones elsewhere and then jumped on a tram to Royal Park.

Noel was well and I got the radio out, only to discover that, unlike every other model of small digital radio that I've ever looked at, this one doesn't have a headphone jack. I can exchange it (I still have the receipt) but have realised that I can give him the one I have by my bed and keep the one I bought today.

I'll probably go back on Wednesday, as Thursday and Friday are taken up with mailout.


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