Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Today, as the cleaners were coming, I decided to take myself off to the pictures. First, though, I needed some coffee so I walked around to the Acoustic Cafe where I had a good chat with Ian as well as the coffee. Then I took myself off to Victoria Gardens and a session of Prometheus - in 3D.

It looks amazing, but the plot has some very large holes in it. Still, it passed a couple of hours and I enjoyed most of it. What was most annoying was the fact that the session was advertised to start at 11.20 - fat chance! We had to sit through nearly half an hour of advertisements and previews, as well as some brainless drivel from someone called Andrew Günsberg, who seemed to assume we knew he was.

One of the previews was for Baz Luhrmann's new film of "The Great Gatsby" - not something I have very much interest in, but I did notice that the 3D looked awful. It looked very discontinuous, everything looking as if it were a series of flat images, one behind the other.

Afterwards I had a lovely walk home in the sun.


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