Sunday, March 05, 2006

Too much food

It's been a busy weekend. It started on Saturday morning with lunch at the Retreat after shopping. After an afternoon doing not much Tat and I went for pizzas at the e-lounge (tasty as usual) before heading off to Xavier Chapel for the Gombert concert.

The program was of twentieth century works including the Poulenc Mass, Take him, earth, for cherishing by Howells and Totentanz by Distler. This last work was a complete surprise; a series of beautifully composed choral miniatures linked with spoken dialogues between Death and a range of characters. Wonderful.

The concert finished with Edmund Rubbra's Te Deum, an amazingly complex, and at times dense, work which was mostly successfully realised, though not without a couple of slightly rough patches. A very satisfying concert.

Another high point of the concert was seeing B Mac, now back in Melbourne after his and K's sojourns in London and South Africa. He looks very well and relaxed, and is pleased to have been asked to do some emergency teaching at MHS.

Today I went to Mum's for lunch as; unfortunately her pork crackling didn't but the rest was delicious. Then this evening DG and I went for dinner in Victorian Street as a farewell for B&P who head off next Saturday.

The weather has been glorious.


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