Monday, March 06, 2006

Grumpy Frank

Not a good start to the week: after a night of fitful sleep I was woken this morning (before 7am) by loud thumping. In my bleary state I realised that it wasn't as I first thought my next-door neighbour using some form of get-fit apparatus, but rather someone playing very loud doof-doof music(!)... in the bedroom directly over the fence from mine, AT SEVEN AM!

Those who know me will be surprised I did not go and complain - I'll wait and see if there's a repeat tomorrow.

Then after waiting about five minutes on the station it was announcee that the next train had been cancelled. Knowing this meant that the following train would be packed I walked to Victoria Street, where I caught a tram. Unfortunately when the tram reached the St Vincent's interchange the line was blocked by a dead W-class which was being used on the Latrobe Street shuttle. So I walked to Nicholson Street where I caught a tram which took me close enough to work. What normally takes 20 minutes took close to 50.


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