Saturday, March 06, 2010

Stormy weather

Last week I visited Land Victoria to get my name on the title for my house - they use computer-produced titles now which, while efficient, have absolutely no charm. Luckily they gave me the old heavy paper title with all the detail of previous owners on the back.

Last night I went for a wonderful meal with Stewart and Susan to Rumi in East Brunswick - good company and wonderful food ... or is that the other way around? This morning after shopping and brunch with P&B, Stew and Suse dropped in so Stew could fix my back door and side gate; reasonably simple jobs he was able to finish quite quickly.

After they had gone I was settling down for the afternoon when I noticed that it had got very dark - then it sounded as if someone was throwing golfballs on the roof. Melbourne had its most extraordinary storm for several decades: lightning, thunder, hail, rain. The city has been flooded in several places, Southern Cross Station was closed for some hours and Moomba was cancelled (gasp!).

There's more predicted for tomorrow.



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